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The middle column of each listing indicates the ensemble(s) for which we currently have an arrangement of a given selection.  We will refer to this information as we suggest to you the best overall ensemble for your budget and desired ambiance.

experience our extensive music library: music to suit every taste!

Q=string quartet, T=string trio, VG=violin-guitar duo, VC= violin-cello duo, VP=violin-piano Duo

about our collection: read this first!

With over 20 hours of continuous music, Bella Musica is certain to touch the senses and captivate your imagination.

The links to the left show a current representation of  our music library. Should you desire a piece that is not listed in any of the categories to the left, or you desire an arrangement for an ensemble that is not indicated in the middle column of a given list, please ask!  We may have it in our collection and if we don't, we are often able to write an arrangement of a requested piece.  Please contact us for package offerings and pricing details.

Bella Musica means 'Beautiful Music'...
...Our Passion and Commitment to You.

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